Life Does Not Stop the Day You Decide to Become a Doctor

We found this excellent article written by Sarah Mongiello Bernstein at Aspiring Docs Diaries. Here is some of her post from the website:

My brother wears a scar around his neck. It is a permanent reminder of his second surgery for papillary thyroid cancer. The first started off the same way. Ugly, red and angry. Curving like an ominous smile around his neck. Like a noose.

Doctor’s Office

That’s how it felt, too, – the lump in his throat growing as he sat quietly, alone in a doctor’s office. It’s interesting how physical scars can be a visual manifestation of the emotional ones left behind by disease and illness.

What Happened in Februrary

The month was February and the ice that lined the windowsill reflected the chill in the room when the doctor read him the pathology report. “Papillary thyroid cancer,” he had said.whats up doc


Or he imagined he did. He knew it was coming and in those moments very little is really heard because the knowing sets it. That’s the moment when it becomes real.

Blurry Memory

The following months were a blur. There was the surgery a week later. Waking up bandaged, with part of his body now gone. His fingers grazed the ragged edge of his sutures to the spot where his thyroid had been.

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An organ he had never really considered had become all he could think about in a matter of weeks. Ever since he felt that lump, he knew something was wrong.

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